Life Is In The Word


This is my comfort in my affliction, That Your word has revived me and given me life. (Psalms 119:50 AMP)

The word used for affliction in this verse means a state of misery, oppression or discomfort; this can be physically, mentally, or spiritually. Basically, it means any kind of stress. A new documentary was recently released, “One Nation Under Stress”. The title is a play on words from the USA pledge of allegiance line, “One nation under God”. I have not seen the documentary but I’m willing to guess that it did not make a correlation between a person’s level of faith in God and their level of stress.

Faith comes by hearing a Word from God and believing it. Faith and hope in God relieve stress. Believers in Christ face problems like everyone else, but they also have hope in God and comfort from His Word and Holy Spirit.

Now, more than ever, people need to be very careful about their sources of information. A word from God carries an impartation from God–an impartation of His light, life, and love. A word from someone who has the wrong perspective carries the opposite. If you receive a word, it becomes a thought, thoughts become speech, and actions follow. A word takes you somewhere and changes what you are conscious of. A word that you meditate on will become a part of who you are. It will change who you are, for good or bad. Choose to listen to words of life. Life is in the Word of God.

Jesus answered and said, “It is written, ‘MAN SHALL NOT LIVE ON BREAD ALONE, BUT ON EVERY WORD THAT PROCEEDS OUT OF THE MOUTH OF GOD.'” (Matthew 4:4)

April 7, 2019 – A Word from God carries an impartation from God of His light, life and love… Read More

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02/06/2020 5:21 AM

What you have written here is so pivotal in our walk with God. In order to demonstrate the power and authority He has given us in Christ Jesus, we must speak His words. Thank you for posting.

United States