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August 2, 2019 – Meditation Word: “If I want him to remain until I come,” Jesus answered, “what is that to you? As for you, follow Me.” (John 21:22)

One of a Kind

Every believer in Christ is called into a very personal and unique relationship with Him. There is no on else like you. The word follow in the scripture above means together on a journey or path. It also means to attend to, to accompany, to go with or follow a teacher.

Focus On Him

You are not alone. Jesus is with you in the journey of life. The important thing is to focus on Him. He is the Way, Truth, and Life. Don’t let the cares of this life distract you from experiencing Him. He is everything you need, want, and could ever hope for. He is your real life. When you can separate your thinking from the artificial reality of this world, you will know that nothing else compares to Him.

The journey you are on with Jesus is a very personal one. We walk a narrow road. There is only enough room for you and Him on this path, of true life. This is not to say we do not need others in the body of Christ–we do. However, He is a personal God and He is directly speaking to you the instructions He has for your life, and the instructions for your life will not be the same for others.

After Jesus had spoken to Peter about his future, Peter then asked, “What about this man?” referring to John. Jesus basically answered, “That is none of your business, your journey is with Me.” Since Jesus has a different plan for each of His followers, the highest achievement we can have in this life is to walk together in step with Him.

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