2 Know Whose You Are – Realize Your Righteous Father– How to Know Truth

What you believe in, is what you live in, and the perspective you see from. Jesus came to reunite us to our Father in the holy relationship we had with Him before the fall. The blood Jesus shed on the cross makes us holy and cleanses our conscience from sin. Jesus reveals the Father. Knowing your Righteous Father helps you understand who you really are.… Read More

Who is the God that was willing to Suffer for You?


April 24, 2019 – The message of Jesus Christ challenges normal human thinking because our perspective is so limited. To believe that God, who created the universe, was willing to suffer and experience death for you requires a higher form of intelligence…… Read More

Word of God In You – Part 2


April 11, 2019 – Jesus Christ is your inner life-essence, conscience, Word of God in you. There is a fascinating passage in Deuteronomy chapter 30 about the Word in you….… Read More