About God.net

God.net is a ministry of Seek God Ministries. The purpose for God.net is first to connect people to God the Father through Jesus Christ. Secondly, for those who do know Him we pray that they will be strengthened in their love for God and their compassion for people. God.net will use mobile friendly technology to reach a new generation of people accessing the internet. The articles will be concise and easy to read. We want to make it easy to understand for those who speak English as a second language.


 In 1997 we began using the internet to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the SeekGod.org web site. We have received tremendous response from that site over the years. In 2002, Gary and Suzzhette Ballard formed Seek God Ministries, a church organization with the purpose of making disciples of Jesus Christ and providing teachings that edify the body of Christ. Pastor Gary and Suzzhette moved their family to The Philippines in 2007 to answer a call from God to work as missionaries. They oversee three churches in The Philippines. In addition, they help the poor by providing food, clothes, and help with education for those in need. They also work with street children and are in the process of establishing a rescue home called the Transformation Center.

Gary Robert Ballard is the author of articles unless otherwise stated. Freely we have received and freely we give. Seek God Ministries is supported by your Donations.


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